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The Business World

Masterminds are critical in the business world - but especially in today’s “new world”.

Business owners, executives, coaches, essentially anyone looking to “up their game” and surround themselves with powerful people in their niche should join a mastermind.


.Mastermind Is a Handshake Domain Extension

This .mastermind domain name extension is built on the Handshake blockchain system. You can learn more at or the Namebase learning library ( to understand the technicalities.

Essentially it means for now the domain will not work by default on most major web browsers (Chrome, Safari) and need to have browser extensions.

Yet, if you are an early adopter and reserve your name on .mastermind you’ll own your piece of this amazing domain extension when it does go more mainstream once the Blockchain decentralized internet is more widely used.

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Premium, Paid Groups

Use Case For the .mastermind Name

Let’s discuss the ways you can leverage the power of a .mastermind domain.
Say you have a podcast and want to launch a paid mastermind for the show. 



 Having your podcast name .mastermind will clearly tell the world this is your official mastermind site.


Free Content

You can separate your free content (on your .com or the extension).


Paid Mastermind

 Have your paid mastermind content on this amazing .mastermind domain.

BLOckchain solutions

Working On More Blockchain Solutions for .mastermind

We are in early stages of this ourselves - but on top of simply hosting a website on this domain, it does have the capability to accept crypto currency payments.That means, if someone wants to pay your .mastermind website - they simply use that URL instead of a long and hard to remember bitcoin or blockchain address.Just like domains help make it easier to remember an IP address (as a domain simply is pointing to a IP address making it easier to remember) - a Handshake blockchain domain is also another way of “masking” a hard to remember unique blockchain address.


Currently In Private Beta Application Only

Right now - we are not allowing anyone to register a name - we are on an application basis. We want to ensure you understand the domain’s current capability as well as ensure you have the right intentions for the domain name.

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